• Recalibrating Education

    Peter Stockland

    When the Ontario government made the call to shut down school buildings, John Knox Christian School's leadership team jumped into action. In the second of a series on independent education, Peter Stockland reports on how the school got back on track so quickly.

  • Independence and Inequality

    Peter Stockland

    Ontario’s independent schools outperformed their government counterparts during COVID-19. Peter Stockland reports on policy recommendations from Cardus Education’s David Hunt to strengthen Ontario's education for all students.

  • Let Commonality Grow

    Peter Stockland

    A car dealer, a psychologist, and a doctor. Three comically different individuals, one harmonious view of the current circumstances. Peter Stockland unpacks a story of community right under our noses.

  • COVID-19 and Common Humanity

    Brian Bird

    Convivium contributor Brian Bird writes that even within the pain caused by the pandemic we can recover our fundamental shared identity as human beings and the universal dignity embedded within it.

  • Futility in the Face of Pandemic

    Daniel Gilman

    How can we carry Christ to others when we might also be carrying the virus that infects them with COVID-19? By discerning that love requires seeking new approaches, Daniel Gilman writes.

  • Working Out Well-being

    Johanna Wolfert

    Losing a job is about more than a loss of income, because work is about more than money, writes Cardus researcher Johanna Wolfert. Governments must keep the non-monetary aspects of work in mind as they try to support those rendered jobless by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Unmasking the Benefits of Globalization

    Matthew Lau

    COVID-19 has sparked calls to recover domestic production of goods from pharmaceuticals to personal protective equipment. Raising a contrary voice, Matthew Lau argues for recognizing globalization as the good that comes from economic interconnection.

  • A Sailor's Hour at Home

    Peter Stockland

    Amid the danger and chaos of the pandemic wave that has overturned our lives, music lifts the spirit to lead us home, Peter Stockland writes.

  • Easter in Our Own Upper Rooms

    Mirjana Villeneuve

    Finding ourselves in isolation without the usual traditions and celebrations to mark Holy Week, our Easter this year is similar to that of the first, when Jesus left the Apostles, writes Mirjana Villeneuve.

  • Who Will We Be After COVID-19?

    Brittany Beacham

    Looking at how her parenting style shifted in mere weeks, Brittany Beacham wonders how different life will look after this pandemic, and recalls that God will be with us no matter the circumstances.    

  • Passing Over Difference

    Rabbi Reuven Bulka

    Rabbi Reuven Bulka says no one celebrating Passover can be indifferent to the difference the COVID-19 crisis will bring. What matters, though, is what endures.

  • Saving Graces: Week Two

    While COVID-19 sweeps darkness across the world, the Convivium Team is scouring the web for stories of hope to share with our readers. We are pleased to offer this selection of good news stories, hoping they will be a source of saving grace for all.

  • Corona of Thorns

    Andrew Bennett

    The model of Christ’s solitary suffering on the Cross can bring us through COVID-19  isolation to renewed love of community, writes Cardus' Andrew Bennett.

  • Love Your Neighbour: Stay Home

    Mathew Block

    Churches keeping their doors firmly closed to prevent COVID-19 in their congregations is an act of obedience and love for one another, contends Mathew Block.

  • A New Meaning for Cancel Culture

    Peter Stockland

    COVID-19 has unleashed an epidemic of event cancellations, including the historic National Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa and a speech by Cardus’ own Milton Friesen. Peter Stockland finds good news behind the closed doors.