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World's Strand

Where do you see evidence of the transcendent in your midst? Today author and photographer Rebekah Ann Lamb invites us  to see through her sacred lens. 

Dotting the coastline of the Firth of Forth’s Northern Shore, in the East Neuk of Fife, Anstruther cottages are often a layering of varied patterns, textures, and materials: rock, sea-shells, brick, stone, slate, tile, and vivid paints accent the meeting of sea with shore, of the unfathomable with the domestic. A striking aesthetic composed of the numinous intermingling with the everyday (a Nazareth aesthetic, then) invites us to consider how design, architecture, and especially domestic spaces can concretely articulate human responses to the transcendent, to the “[G]iver of breath and bread, / World’s strand, sway of the sea; / Lord of living and dead” (G.M. Hopkins, “The Wreck of the Deutschland”).  

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