Saving Graces: Week ThreeSaving Graces: Week Three

Saving Graces: Week Three

While COVID-19 sweeps darkness across the world, the Convivium Team is scouring the web for stories of hope to share with our readers. We are pleased to offer this selection of good news stories, hoping they will be a source of saving grace for all.

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During this time of Passover, Easter and Ramadan, faith communities have moved services and supports online:

"Just because we've shut the doors to our church, doesn't mean the Church is closed."

The implications of COVID-19 on the natural world have been significant, through land, air and sea:

“I used to think there weren’t really birds in Wuhan, because you rarely saw them and never heard them. I now know they were just muted and crowded out by the traffic and people,”

Pianist Mike Janzen, recovering from a serious head injury, is once again creating music:

"I hadn’t listened to music for five weeks. It was very emotional for me when I finally got to listen to music again."

A rabbi, a priest, an Imam & a Druze sheikh gathered together in the city of Haifa to pray for an end to COVID-19.

Our founding editor, Fr. Raymond de Souza, has been recording videos of reflections for Holy Week.

We're all living in some form of isolation at the moment. Here's a beautiful poem about the reality of life in solitude:

Outside, after supper, the stars will come out to touch
the wide plain of the earth. The stars are alive,
but not worth these cherries, which I’m eating alone.

In Hamilton, Ont., some residents have received a delightful surprise – Easter flowers dropped on their doorsteps:

"We have plants that currently don't have a home and we would like to spread some cheer to you and your family."

And finally, a musical recommendation from one of our readers:

Hi Convivium team,

I have been following online the live organ concerts a young Dutch organist named Gert Van Hoef is making regularly available over his YouTube channel, which he performs on the organ in his house. Gert is a believer as well as very talented and he takes requests.

Now that he cannot perform regular concerts, and none of us can attend any concerts, I thought it might be possibly be of interest of at least some readers to be made aware of this musical opportunity.

For those who are technically interested and want to know: Gert's home organ  has Hauptwerk technology built in. This makes that it can simulate the sounds of the organs of many of the well known churches and cathedrals in the world.

Thanks and enjoy!
Gerrit Van Vliet

Is something happening in your community? How have you been affected by COVID-19? Do you have a good news story to share? Please contact us today and we'll consider it for next week's roundup.  

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