Convivium was a project of Cardus 2011‑2022, and is preserved here for archival purposes.
Saving Graces: Week OneSaving Graces: Week One

Saving Graces: Week One

While COVID-19 sweeps darkness across the world, the Convivium Team is scouring the web for stories of hope to share with our readers. We are pleased to offer this selection of good news stories, hoping they will be a source of saving grace for all. 

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Loblaws is temporarily raising wages for store and distribution centre workers in recognition of their efforts to keep stores operating smoothly:

"Unlike so many businesses across the country right now, our supermarkets and pharmacies are performing well. And the leaders in our business wanted to make sure that a significant portion of that benefit would go straight into the pockets of the incredible people on the front line and in our distribution centres." 

Similarly, Sobeys is rewarding "hero pay" to its workers and providing one hour a day of shopping for those vulnerable to COVID-19.

Ottawa locals are finding innovative ways to help each other out – walking dogs, picking up prescriptions, groceries, making phone calls:

"One neighbour offered to stop outside someone's house with her baby to smile and wave."

Musicians in Spain performed My Heart Will Go On on their balconies, amid the country's lockdown.

Dillon's, a Niagara area distillery, has moved from making gin to hand sanitizer for front-line workers: 

“As a small business we’re very, very vulnerable with what’s coming in the next few months and things are going to get really tight, so we decided if we can do our part, the sooner we can get out of this."

Is something happening in your community? How have you been affected by COVID-19? Do you have a good news story to share? Please contact us today and we'll consider it for next week's roundup. 

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