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Calling for the Common Good Calling for the Common Good

Calling for the Common Good

Today, we release the final piece in our series of Policy Options articles that have emerged as a response to our Spirited Citizenship: Care, Conflict, and Virtue round table in Ottawa last month, convened in partnership with the Angus Reid Institute to mark Canada’s Sesquicentennial. 

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Topics: Cities, Public Life
Calling for the Common Good December 8, 2017
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(Mr. Milton Friesen, Program Director of Cardus Social Cities program, Mr. Joe Gunn, Executive Director for Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ))

What key questions can we ask that will nudge policy-makers to make better use of academic sources that focus on social capital research? Milton Friesen, Cardus Social Cities Program Director and a former municipal councillor, recommends we as a society ask three key questions:

  1. Where are the common-good resources that are produced in our communities?
  2. How do the organizational or institutional settings that produce and sustain these relational common goods actually work?
  3. How can the groups, organizations and institutions that produce these civil society relational goods be encouraged to continue to provide common-good resources to their communities?

(Ms. Helen Reimer, Director of Business Development for FairTrade Canada, Dr. Beth Green, Director of Cardus Education) 

“In the challenging environment of public policy debates about budgets and resource allocation, decisions about what is good for people and communities are made without complete knowledge of how those decisions will affect people,” observes Friesen. 

(Pictured: Ms. Janet Noel-Annable, Chief Executive Officer of Christian Horizons, Ms. Andrea Mrozek, Program Director of Cardus Family)

Be sure to read the full article on Policy Options today!

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