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A Manufactured ChoiceA Manufactured Choice

A Manufactured Choice

Why Prime Minister Stephen Harper is proving to be one of the toughest opponents to beat.

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A Manufactured Choice October 31, 2014  |  By Peter Stockland
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The greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, was reportedly once asked how he managed to avoid the bar fighters and street corner challengers who were the bane of his trade.

“I don’t fight crazy people,” Ali is said to have replied. “And anyone who wants to fight me is crazy.”

Canada’s opposition leaders might have woken up today hearing a small inside voice asking if they now count among the crazy people for wanting to fight Stephen Harper.

We don’t know if he will ever be considered Canada’s greatest prime minister—only history will judge and there’s a long line of coulda-been contenders—but Harper is certainly proving one of the toughest to beat. The combination of family support initiatives his government unveiled yesterday shows why.

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