• Pause and Effect

    Peter Stockland

    Today, Peter Stockland explores how the act of running is not some Olympic-level commitment to all-in exhaustion. Rather, this discipline creates space in our lives to move away from stress and towards a fuller sense of health and goodness.

  • What Child Is This?

    Ruth Dick

    Ottawa photographer Ruth Dick reminds viewers that the gift and mystery of life can, more often than not, be found in the form of a child. 

  • In

    Ruth Dick

    Ottawa photographer Ruth Dick delights in catching the magic of music created in a moment. 

  • Baby Steps for Gerber

    Keith Dow

    Recently, the Gerber baby food company chose a child with Down syndrome as its “spokesbaby.”  But as Keith Dow of Christian Horizons asks, while the winner’s extra chromosome paints an adorable picture for disability advocacy, will the small step begin a journey of lasting social change? 

  • The Wash Of Silence

    Breanne Valerie

    In her continuing series for Convivium seeking to put into daily life the lessons of the Rule of Saint Benedict, writer Breanne Valerie learns from stillness why God is a Person of few words

  • Putting Christ In Perspective

    Keith Dow

    The glories of Renaissance painting have given us an image of Jesus at odds with the Saviour who walked beside the poor and dispossessed, writes Convivium contributor Keith Dow. 

  • Every Moment Holy

    Anthony Diehl

    Do you have liturgy at the ready for ordinary life? Today, Convivium contributor Anthony Diehl reviews Doug Mckelvey's Every Moment Holy, a liturgical companion that baptizes the everyday in prayer. 


    Matthew Wigmore

    As a Trinity Western University grad and member of the LGBTQ community, contributor Matthew Wigmore urges caution about seeing tomorrow Supreme Court hearing strictly as a legal fight over religious freedom. 

  • Choir

    Peter Stockland

    Photographer Jeff Sheldon conveys the expanse of space that matches what we imagine to be the soaring notes of the choir's holy song. 

  • The Art Of Troubled Remembering

    Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

    Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin brought two artists to church on Remembrance Weekend: muralists from Northern Ireland’s Bogside neighbourhood who have memorialized that city’s bloody sectarian sorrows in order to create space for remembering, truth-telling and reconciliation. Almost miraculously, only one member of the congregation showed his anger

  • Perspective

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson captures a stunning sunrise view of Artist Point, near Deming Washington. 

  • Signposts of the New Creation

    Hannah Marazzi with Makoto Fujimura

    As the Convivium Team reflects on the launch of the Sacred Spaces Gallery, Hannah Marazzi sits down with Makoto Fujimura, artist, writer, and catalyst to understand the role of beauty, belonging, and art as signs of the New Creation. 

  • Leap of Faith

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson captures the reflection of a mountain peak in a glacial lake, giving the illusion of a floating mountain range. 

  • Remembering To Lead

    Duncan Field with John Pellowe

    Tonight at the Canadian War Museum, Cardus will host John Pellowe re-enacting the role of General Sir Arthur Currie in the 1917 battle of Vimy Ridge, a moment in history that many see as defining Canada’s emergence into independent nationhood. Pellowe, CEO of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, has been presenting the Leadership Lessons of Vimy Ridge on stages across Canada for almost 20 years.

  • Mockery and Majesty

    Raymond J. de Souza

    Convivium editor in chief Father Raymond J. de Souza reflects on the new Governor General's recent remarks to the Canadian Science Policy Convention, outlining the connection between faith and science, and the importance of kindness and care for those around us. 

  • The Shared Path

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson plays with leading lines in this image, leading us down a shared path of history and experience.

  • Rain & Imperfection

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson presents this lakeshore dock as a sacred space even in the pouring rain. 

  • Dusk

    Hannah Martin

    Photographer Hannah Martin captures this fleeting view of the sunlight at dusk in Tofino British Columbia. 

  • A Familiar Tune

    Hannah Martin

    Wedding photographer, Hannah Martin captures this simple response of love from a wife to her husband's song, a tune she knows so well.