Shift Cover - 1999



I was given a stack of old Shift magazines while working at Andrew School a few years ago. One of the gems was this December 1999 issue. The purpose of the magazine was to help us all live in a digital culture and toward that end, they have included useful info such as movie reviews of The Matrix, Gattaca, Enemy of the State, and You've Got Mail. There are also top websites from 1999 including (doesn't work),, and



But the really useful info was the list of top fifteen gifts that you could buy online. Here they are, just in case you missed that year or are being proactive about this one (currency is 1999 as are the URLs):

  1. Men's authentic cotton Kung Fu suite, with upturned sleeves and cheongsam buttons; in black, dark blue or white. $49.99.
  2. The Brain watch by Fossil, with a pre-curved ergo-designed strap. $75.
  3. The VB-30 headset by n-Vision: A handheld, high-resolution visualization and virtual-reality display equipped with a tripod mount; mouse compatible. $4000.
  4. Cube desk accessories by Vasa, which radiate colors when rotated. $340 for a set of six. (new
  5. Woven straw vessels, rubber-lined to hold fresh flowers. $40 to $190.
  6. Cable-free radio-controlled weather forecaster. $130. (new
  7. The Asterisk chair by Lampa, in a steel wire frame with a molded wood seat. Available in cyan, magenta, yellow, black and natural maple. $175.
  8. Handcrafted hardwood TSI longboard, outfitted with a 21cc gas engine. $395. (hmmm....)
  9. First edition 1985 Nike Air Jordans. $1,100. (trippy)
  10. Empeg MP3 car player. Includes car mount, home PSU, cables and software. $1,099. (try
  11. Digital wristwatch with a leather strap by Flemming Bo Hansen. $595. (new
  12. The Bride Game, a pre-PC boardgame from 1971. $25.
  13. The Hoberman multicolor expanding sphere, both an executive toy and rave accessory. $45. (new
  14. Sixties Emilio Pucci half-slip and...
  15. Fifties patent-leather handbag. $65 each.